These terms apply to customers of all residential and business services, and apply in addition to any product-specific terms. Where there is a conflict, the product-specific terms will apply.

I Accept

By ticking the "I agree to NorthTel's Terms and Conditions" box, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree that your electronic signature (hereafter known as the E-Signature) is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement.



  • "we", "our", or "us" refers to Northland Technology Limited, and "you" or "your" refers to the Customer.
  • "Service", "Services", "Product", or "Products" shall refer to all goods and services of any kind that we provide to you as specified in a Service Agreement.
  • "Service Agreement" means "Your chosen package" Service Agreement which is not confirmed by us until we accept and confirm your order and verify that the requested Service and installation method is available.
  • "Commencement Date", unless otherwise specified, means the date on which we notify you that the Service is available.
  • "Terms" means these Terms and Conditions.

Our Charges

The cost ("Charges") for each Product or Service shall be outlined in a Service Agreement and shall begin from the Commencement Date, regardless of when they begin to be used. You are liable for all Charges regardless of who uses the Product or Service. If Services are provided for a specific term and that term has ended, then we will continue to charge you on a month to month basis for that Service unless we agree to a new term. You shall remain liable for those Charges and these Terms shall continue to apply.

Billing & Resale

We will send you an invoice for the Charges at the end of each month, which you will pay without deduction (other than validly disputed amounts) on the 20th day of the month following ("the Due Date"). Unless agreed otherwise, fixed charges are payable in advance, and other charges are payable in arrears.

Part payment of any invoice will not amount to full and final settlement and the remainder of your invoice will remain due on the Due Date.

Unless we explicitly agree in writing, you are not permitted to resell any Product or Service and you affirm that you are the end user.

Disputed Accounts

You agree that unless you dispute a Charge prior to the Due Date, then you accept that Charge as valid and agree to pay it in full and without deduction. If you dispute a Charge, you must notify us immediately and without delay. We will investigate the dispute, and while we are doing this you do not need to pay the disputed amount, but are required to pay any amount due that is not disputed. If we agree with your assessment, we will issue an amended invoice without delay. If we do not agree with your assessment and you still dispute the account, then you agree to submit the dispute for final and binding resolution to a mediator appointed by the Chair of LEADR New Zealand Inc in accordance with their standard mediation agreement.

Overdue Accounts

If you do not pay an invoice by the Due Date, we may charge you interest at 10% per annum on the unpaid amount from the Due Date until the date you pay it. Interest shall be calculated and compounded daily. You must also pay any costs that are incurred by us or our agents in recovering the money that you owe us.

We reserve the right to suspend or restrict any Service that we provide for you until payment is made in full, and you will continue to remain liable for all Charges.

This section does not apply to the portion of any invoice that is validly disputed.

Subcontract & Assignment

We may, at our sole discretion, subcontract any or all of our obligations under this or any other Agreement you have with us without your consent, provided that we will remain ultimately responsible to you for carrying out those obligations. You may not assign or have someone else perform your side of any agreement with us without our prior written consent. We may assign or have someone else perform our side of any agreement we have with you.

Changes to these Terms

We may change these Terms from time to time, and will provide you no less than 30 days written notice when we do so. We may further change any Service Agreement, provided that we are providing the same or equivalent Products or Services for the same or lower cost. If any change to our Terms or Service Agreement is seriously detrimental to you, then you may elect to terminate the affected Service without penalty or fee.

Free Support

Included in our residential packages, you have access to our technicians over phone or email for free for up to 10 minutes per month. This can be to offer advice or troubleshooting for any IT related subject. The 10 minute allocation renews every new calendar month. Any additional time spent, call outs, site visits, parts and labour will be charged in accordance with Northland Technology Limited's standard charge rates of $160 + GST per hour, with a minimum charge of half an hour unless we agree otherwise.

Confidential Information

All Product & Service information and pricing that is not on our website is to be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any other party unless we agree to this in writing. You must also not disclose any commercially sensitive information that you receive from us, unless we agree to this in writing.


We require 30 days written notice for the termination of any Service.

Either party may terminate any or all Services immediately and without penalty if the other party:

  • materially breaches these Terms; or
  • (or its directors/principals) goes into liquidation, bankruptcy, or receivership; or
  • has a receiver or statutory manager appointed over any or all of its assets; or
  • is removed from the Companies Register, is dissolved, or dies; or
  • commits an act of fraud, theft, or dishonesty that impacts the other party.

If we require consent from owners of any site for access in order to supply you with a particular Service and the owners of that site withdraw such consent or request us to remove our equipment, then we may terminate the Service provided to you by written notice with effect of the date on which access to the site will be unavailable to us. You acknowledge and accept that we will not be liable to you in any way for failure to supply any Service where we terminate such Service under this provision.

Termination due to breach of these Terms will not affect other rights and remedies. If Services are terminated due to breach, then you agree to pay us any monies owing (including a penalty fee of $195.00, unless an early termination fee applies) and immediately return any equipment owned by us or provide us access to retrieve our equipment.

We reserve the right to withdraw our offer of services and require you to transfer your services to another provider within 30 days or have them terminated. In this case, you will be liable for charges up until the last day this service is connected with us, but no Early Termination Fees. You will still be required to return any equipment you have rented from us.

Early Termination Fees 

If you have agreed to a contract with Northland Technology Limited and decide to terminate services with us prior to the end of the contract period you will be liable to pay an Early Termination Fee within 28 days of termination notification. The Early Termination Fee is $299 on contract connections.

Invalidity and Severance

If any provision of these Terms is unlawful and/or unenforceable, then it will be severed from the rest of these Terms which shall remain in force. Each provision of these Terms is separately binding.

These Terms

These Terms supersede all prior Terms. The termination of Services with us does not affect any rights and responsibilities that are intended to continue or come into force after such termination.

No Partnership & No Third Party Rights

Nothing in these Terms is deemed to constitute either party as partners, agents, or legal representatives of the other. Neither you nor we intend to create rights in or grant remedies to any third party as a beneficiary of these Terms or any Agreement with you, and these Terms or any Agreement with you shall be for the sole and exclusive benefit of you and us.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all pricing quoted to you by us for residential services includes New Zealand Goods and Services Tax of 15%; all pricing quoted to you by us for business services is exclusive of New Zealand Goods and Services Tax.

New Zealand Law

All Products and Services are provided to you under New Zealand law. You may take action against us only in a New Zealand court or tribunal with the appropriate jurisdiction.

Service Interruptions

We do not guarantee that the Services provided will be free from interruptions. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend the Services or restrict access to our network for planned and unplanned maintenance or repair. We will be available to fix any service interruption in accordance with the Service Levels and will use reasonable endeavours to minimise their duration. There is no charge for this except where you (or anyone for whom you are responsible) cause the interruption.


Consumer Guarantees Act

If you are acquiring the Services for the purposes of a business, or if you indicate to us you are doing so, then you agree that the provisions of the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 do not apply to any Services we provide to you under this Agreement. If you are acquiring the Services other than for the purpose of a business, then you may have the benefit of statutory guarantees under the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993. If the Act applies to you, all rights that you have under it will apply in addition to the rights set out in this Agreement. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are subject to change. For current SLAs please see the specific product descriptions on our website. DSL and some Fibre services are ‘best effort’ for service product.

Installation Charges & Equipment

Wireless Fibre installation charge is a Price On Application product. Residential UFB 30/10 installation is free of charge. All other Residential UFB installation charges are Price On Application. Business UFB installation charge is $199+GST. Any wireless access points, routers, mounting hardware, radios or other wireless or networking equipment remains property of Northland Technology Limited unless clearly stated by make and model in the line item of the invoice relative to the installation or upgrade of this connection. Northland Technology Limited reserve the right to remove any equipment for a period of up to 90 days after the termination of any services, you also may return the equipment to Northland Technology Limited which must be kept in a reasonable and undamaged condition. If the equipment is returned in a damaged state you will be liable for the replacement of the equipment.

Liability for UFB Installation

Northland Technology Limited is not involved in the physical connection of the UFB network to your home or business. Any liability for installations carried out are with the UFB installer, being that of Chorus, Enable, UFF or NorthPower.

Modems & Routers

You may bring your own modem/router to use on our network, however some modem/routers will not work on our network and it is advised that you ask us about modem/router compatibility prior to signing up. Northland Technology Limited is not responsible or liable for the set up or configuration of any modem provided by you the customer.
You may purchase a modem to work on our network. The regular price for these start at $99+GST and may be on special from time to time.

Acceptable Use Policy

The minutes we include in our VOIP plans suit the amount of minutes required for most small to medium businesses. If you do exceed the included amount of minutes outlined in our plans the standard charges will apply to international, national, mobile and toll and toll free numbers. These charges are available in our Standard Phone Charging Rates, outlined below.

Standard Phone Charging Rates

Destination country & Charge per minute


Afghanistan Mobile $0.54
Albania $0.80
Albania Mobile $1.00
Algeria $0.28
Algeria Mobile $0.96
Andorra $0.50
Andorra Mobile $0.70
Angola $0.26
Angola Mobile $0.26
Anguilla $0.40
Anguilla Mobile $0.40
Antarctica $1.96
Antigua and Barbuda $0.56
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile $0.56
AOR $30.00
AORW $30.00
Argentina $0.08
Argentina Mobile $0.30
Armenia $0.76
Armenia Mobile $0.76
Aruba $0.68
Aruba Mobile $0.72
Ascension Island $2.40
Australia $0.05
Australia Mobile $0.20
Austria $0.04
Austria Mobile $0.08
Azerbaijan $0.90
Azerbaijan Mobile $1.26
Bahamas $0.32
Bahamas Mobile $0.40
Bahrain $0.30
Bahrain Mobile $0.34
Bangladesh $0.06
Bangladesh Mobile $0.06
Barbados $0.72
Barbados Mobile $0.72
Belarus $1.10
Belarus Mobile $1.10
Belgium $0.04
Belgium Mobile $0.12
Belize $0.96
Belize Mobile $1.00
Benin $0.54
Benin Mobile $0.68
Bermuda $0.30
Bermuda Mobile $0.30
Bhutan $0.26
Bhutan Mobile $0.26
Bolivia $0.50
Bolivia Mobile $0.50
Bosnia and Herzegovina $0.46
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile $1.00
Botswana $0.76
Botswana Mobile $0.76
Brazil $0.10
Brazil Mobile $0.14
Brunei $0.08
Brunei Mobile $0.12
Bulgaria $0.10
Bulgaria Mobile $0.10
Burkina Faso $0.90
Burkina Faso Mobile $0.90
Burundi $0.46
Burundi Mobile $0.46
Cambodia $0.16
Cambodia Mobile $0.16
Cameroon $0.62
Cameroon Mobile $0.72
Canada $0.02
Cape Verde $0.98
Cape Verde Mobile $1.10
Cayman Islands $0.60
Cayman Islands Mobile $0.60
Central African Republic $0.72
Central African Republic Mobile $0.70
Chad $0.72
Chad Mobile $0.90
Chatham Islands $0.04
Chile $0.08
Chile Mobile $0.08
China $0.02
China Mobile $0.02
Christmas Island $0.04
Cocos Island $0.04
Colombia $0.18
Colombia Mobile $0.28
Comoros Islands $1.30
Comoros Islands Mobile $1.30
Congo Mobile $1.52
Cook Islands $2.44
Cook Islands Mobile $2.44
Costa Rica $0.24
Costa Rica Mobile $0.24
Croatia $0.04
Croatia Mobile $0.18
Cuba $2.00
Cuba Mobile $2.00
Cyprus $0.04
Cyprus (Turkish) $0.18
Cyprus (Turkish) Mobile $0.18
Cyprus Mobile $0.16
Czech Republic $0.08
Czech Republic Mobile $0.10
Denmark $0.02
Denmark Mobile $0.08
Diego Garcia $2.90
Djibouti $1.48
Djibouti Mobile $1.48
Dominica $0.84
Dominica Mobile $1.04
Dominican Republic $0.34
Dominican Republic Mobile $0.34
East Timor $1.86
East Timor Mobile $1.86
Ecuador $0.50
Ecuador Mobile $0.70
Egypt $0.24
Egypt Mobile $0.26
El Salvador $0.26
El Salvador Mobile $0.64
EMSAT $30.00
Equatorial Guinea $0.96
Equatorial Guinea Mobile $0.96
Eritrea $0.96
Eritrea Mobile $0.96
Estonia $0.20
Estonia Mobile $1.10
Ethiopia $0.84
Ethiopia Mobile $0.76
Falkland Islands $1.68
Falkland Islands Mobile $1.68
Faroe Islands $0.7
Faroe Islands Mobile $0.7
Fiji $0.60
Fiji Mobile $0.60
Finland $0.10
Finland Mobile $0.22
France $0.02
France Mobile $0.14
French Antilles $1.10
French Polynesia $1.06
French Polynesia Mobile $1.06
Gabon $1.10
Gabon Mobile $1.10
Gambia $1.40
Gambia Mobile $1.40
Georgia $0.36
Georgia Mobile $0.36
Germany $0.02
Germany Mobile $1.00
Ghana $0.70
Ghana Mobile $0.70
Gibraltar $0.28
Gibraltar Mobile $0.78
Greece $0.04
Greece $0.08
Greenland $1.60
Greenland Mobile $1.60
Grenada $0.70
Grenada Mobile $0.88
Guadeloupe $0.16
Guam $0.08
Guam Mobile $0.08
Guatemala $0.62
Guatemala Mobile $0.62
Guiana (French) $0.22
Guiana (French) Mobile $0.22
Guinea Bissau $1.50
Guinea Bissau Mobile $1.50
Guinea Republic $1.68
Guinea Republic Mobile $1.68
Guyana $1.00
Guyana Mobile $1.04
Haiti $1.08
Haiti Mobile $1.08
Honduras $0.58
Honduras Mobile $0.66
Hong Kong $0.04
Hong Kong Mobile $0.04
Hungary $0.02
Hungary Mobile $0.16
Iceland $0.08
Iceland Mobile $0.12
India $0.04
India Mobile $0.04
Indonesia $0.20
Indonesia Mobile $0.20
Inmarsat $30.00
Inmarsat M $30.00
IOR $30.00
Iran $0.20
Iran Mobile $0.20
Iraq $0.64
Iraq Mobile $0.84
Ireland (Republic) $0.04
Ireland (Republic) Mobile $0.18
Iridium $30.00
Iridium 8816 $30.00
Israel $0.02
Israel Mobile $0.08
Italy $0.02
Italy Mobile $0.08
Ivory Coast $0.86
Ivory Coast Mobile $0.86
Jamaica $1.00
Jamaica Mobile $1.00
Japan $0.06
Japan Mobile $0.28
Jordan $0.34
Jordan Mobile $0.42
Kazakhstan $0.30
Kazakhstan Mobile $0.54
Kenya $0.46
Kenya Mobile $0.52
Kiribati $0.18
Korea (North) $1.80
Korea (North) Mobile $1.80
Korea (South) $0.04
Korea (South) Mobile $0.08
Kuwait $0.18
Kuwait Mobile $0.18
Kyrgyzstan $0.50
Kyrgyzstan Mobile $0.50
Laos $0.24
Laos Mobile $0.24
Latvia $0.32
Latvia Mobile $0.32
Lebanon $0.38
Lebanon Mobile $0.66
Lesotho $0.82
Lesotho Mobile $0.82
Liberia $1.50
Liberia Mobile $1.50
Libya $0.84
Libya Mobile $0.84
Liechtenstein $0.40
Liechtenstein Mobile $0.88
Lithuania $0.10
Lithuania Mobile $0.10
Luxembourg $0.10
Luxembourg Mobile $0.10
Macau $0.24
Macau Mobile $0.24
Macedonia (FYR) $0.60
Macedonia (FYR) Mobile $1.10
Madagascar $1.26
Madagascar Mobile $1.26
Malawi $0.44
Malawi Mobile $0.46
Malaysia $0.04
Malaysia Mobile $0.08
Maldives $3.16
Maldives Mobile $3.16
Mali $1.34
Mali Mobile $1.06
Malta $0.08
Malta Mobile $0.08
Mariana Islands $0.06
Mariana Islands Mobile $0.10
Marshall Islands $1.04
Marshall Islands Mobile $1.04
Martinique $0.16
Martinique Mobile $0.16
Mauritania $1.54
Mauritania Mobile $1.54
Mauritius $0.54
Mauritius Mobile $0.54
Mexico $0.06
Mexico Mobile $0.06
Micronesia $0.80
Micronesia Mobile $0.80
Moldova $0.76
Moldova Mobile $0.96
Monaco $0.10
Monaco Mobile $0.90
Mongolia $0.14
Mongolia Mobile $0.14
Montenegro $0.50
Montserrat $0.70
Montserrat Mobile $0.72
Morocco $0.10
Morocco Mobile $1.50
Mozambique $0.60
Mozambique Mobile $0.92
Myanmar $0.36
Myanmar Mobile $0.48
Namibia $0.30
Namibia Mobile $0.30
Nauru $3.34
Nauru Mobile $3.34
Nauru Special Services $3.34
Nepal $0.50
Nepal Mobile $0.50
Netherland Antilles $0.50
Netherland Antilles Mobile $0.50
Netherlands $0.02
Netherlands Mobile $0.14
New Caledonia $0.72
New Caledonia Mobile $0.72
Nicaragua $0.62
New Zealand $0.02
New Zealand Mobile $0.10
Nicaragua Mobile $1.06
Niger $0.92
Niger Mobile $0.92
Nigeria $0.22
Nigeria Mobile $0.22
Niue $0.08
Norfolk Island $5.06
Norway $0.04
Norway Mobile $0.16
Oman $0.48
Oman Mobile $1.14
Pakistan $0.28
Pakistan Mobile $0.46
Palau $1.12
Palau Mobile $1.12
Palestine $0.80
Palestine Mobile $0.80
Panama $0.16
Panama Mobile $0.56
Papua New Guinea $2.68
Papua New Guinea Mobile $2.68
Paraguay $0.26
Paraguay Mobile $0.26
Peru $0.06
Peru Mobile $0.30
Philippines $0.60
Philippines Mobile $0.60
Pitcairn Island $0.04
Poland $0.04
Poland Mobile $0.10
POR $30.00
POR $30.00
Portugal $0.02
Portugal Mobile $0.08
Puerto Rico $0.04
Puerto Rico Mobile $0.04
Qatar $0.80
Qatar Mobile $0.80
Reunion $0.36
Reunion Mobile $0.34
Romania $0.04
Romania Mobile $0.08
Russia $0.04
Russia Mobile $0.50
Rwanda $1.26
Rwanda Mobile $1.26
Samoa (American) $0.12
Samoa (American) Mobile $0.12
Samoa (Western) $1.76
Samoa (Western) Mobile $1.76
San Marino $0.10
San Marino Mobile $0.22
Sao Tome and Principe $1.96
Sao Tome and Principe Mobile $1.96
Saudi Arabia $0.36
Saudi Arabia Mobile $0.52
Senegal $1.00
Senegal Mobile $1.00
Serbia $0.46
Serbia Mobile $1.10
Seychelles $1.62
Seychelles Mobile $1.62
Sierra Leone Mobile $1.76
Sierra Leonne $1.76
Singapore $0.02
Singapore Mobile $0.02
Slovakia $0.02
Slovakia Mobile $0.36
Slovenia $1.50
Slovenia Mobile $1.50
Solomon Islands $3.32
Solomon Islands Mobile $3.32
Somalia $2.04
Somalia Mobile $2.04
South Africa $0.10
South Africa Mobile $0.30
Spain (incl. Canary Islands) $0.04
Spain (incl. Canary Islands) Mobile $0.08
Sri Lanka $0.50
Sri Lanka Mobile $0.50
St Helena $3.48
St Kitts and Nevis $0.68
St Kitts and Nevis Mobile $0.68
St Lucia $0.50
St Lucia Mobile $0.50
St Pierre and Miquelon $0.78
St Pierre and Miquelon Mobile $0.98
St Vincent and Bequia $0.28
St Vincent and Bequia Mobile $0.28
Sudan $0.58
Sudan Mobile $0.58
Suriname $0.56
Suriname Mobile $0.96
Swaziland $0.16
Swaziland Mobile $0.64
Sweden $0.02
Sweden Mobile $0.08
Switzerland $0.06
Switzerland Mobile $0.64
Syria $0.40
Syria Mobile $0.52
Taiwan $0.04
Taiwan Mobile $0.34
Tajikistan $0.54
Tajikistan Mobile $0.58
Tanzania $0.90
Tanzania Mobile $0.90
Thailand $0.04
Thailand Mobile $0.04
Togo $1.30
Togo Mobile $1.48
Tokelau $0.62
Tonga $1.46
Tonga Mobile $1.46
Trinidad and Tobago $0.82
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile $0.82
Tunisia $1.50
Tunisia Mobile $1.50
Turkey $0.14
Turkey Mobile $0.38
Turkmenistan $0.48
Turkmenistan Mobile $0.50
Turks and Caicos Islands $0.92
Turks and Caicos Islands Mobile $0.92
Tuvalu $1.76
Tuvalu Mobile $1.76
Uganda $0.60
Uganda Mobile $0.60
Ukraine $0.44
Ukraine Mobile $0.62
United Arab Emirates $0.68
United Arab Emirates Mobile $0.68
United Kingdom $0.02
United Kingdom Mobile $0.60
United Kingdom Special $0.65
United States of America $0.05
Uruguay $0.24
Uruguay Mobile $0.80
Uzbekistan $0.24
Uzbekistan Mobile $0.24
Vanuatu $1.44
Vatican City $0.04
Venezuela $0.20
Venezuela Mobile $0.22
Vietnam $0.22
Vietnam Mobile $0.22
Virgin Islands $0.34
Virgin Islands (British) $0.86
Virgin Islands (British) Mobile $0.86
Virgin Islands (United States of America) $0.04
Wallis and Futuna Islands $0.04
Wallis and Futuna Islands Mobile $0.04
Yemen $0.66
Yemen Mobile $0.66
Zaire $1.30
Zaire Mobile $1.30
Zambia $0.28
Zambia Mobile $0.60
Zanzibar $1.10
Zimbabwe $0.40
Zimbabwe Mobile $0.42