Basic information required to configure most 3rd party routers

Before you begin:

  • This guide aims to assist you with configuring your own router to work with your NorthTel internet connection.
  • Whilst we are very familiar with our own NorthTel-supplied routers, our ability to support 3rd party routers is limited and on a best efforts basis.
  • You can review our router compatibility guide at the end of the page.
  • You'll need your NorthTel username ( and password (Note: The username and password is different for each customer. If you do not have these details, please phone or email NorthTel to request them).
  • You’ll need your broadband connection to be fully provisioned and working.
  • You will need to be connected to your router's WiFi or (recommended) have a computer with an Ethernet cable plugged into one of the “LAN” ports on the back of the router.

Generic Settings for ADSL Connections

  • Encapsulation Protocol: PPPoA.
  • Connection Type: ATM.
  • PPP User Name: [user]*.
  • PPP Password.
  • Multiplexing: VC-Mux.
  • VPI: 0.
  • VCI: 100.
  • MTU: 1492.
  • MSS: 1452.

Generic Settings for VDSL Connections

  • Encapsulation Protocol: PPPoE.
  • Connection Type: PTM.
  • PPP User Name: [user]*.
  • PPP Password.
  • VLAN Tagging (802.1Q): 10.
  • VLAN Priority: (802.1P): 0.
  • MTU: 1492.
  • MSS:1452.

Generic Settings for UFB Connections

  • Encapsulation Protocol: PPPoE.
  • Connection Type: Ethernet.
  • PPP User Name: [user]*.
  • PPP Password.
  • VLAN Tagging (802.1Q): 10.
  • VLAN Priority: (802.1P): 0 (Specify if mentioned).
  • MTU: 1492.
  • MSS:1452.

Note: You may not be prompted for all values.

* Some of our older connections may instead be [user], we will confirm which one when giving you your username

Static DNS

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

Here are some common routers customers have connected to our network:

Please note: We can not guarantee the full compatibility of the following routers. We recommend referring to the retailer or the manufacturer's support information if you have any concerns.

Apple Airport Extreme NO NO YES
Fritz!Box 7360/7390/7490 YES YES YES
Huawei HG531s YES NO NO
Huawei HG630b YES YES YES
NetComm Wireless N300: NB604N YES NO NO
Netcomm Wireless NF4V YES YES YES
NetComm Wireless: NF15ACV YES YES YES
Netgear Nighthawk R7000P NO NO YES
Huawei HG659/HG659b YES YES YES
Vodafone SHG1500 Station YES NO YES


For assistance configuring your third-party router, we would recommend consulting a user manual for your specific router (usually easily found on the web), or by contacting the manufacturer for your router.

If you are still experiencing any difficulty with getting connected, please talk to us on 09 283 5529.